011: Stop Comparing Yourself

Episode 11 May 09, 2022 00:27:47
011: Stop Comparing Yourself
The Video Galaxy Podcast
011: Stop Comparing Yourself

May 09 2022 | 00:27:47


Show Notes

Do you ever find yourself comparing where you are in your business to someone else's? Maybe it’s someone you see on social media that is shooting fancy destination weddings every month. Or maybe it’s even a friend who has a thriving business and seems to have it all. 

In this week’s episode of the Vid Biz Podcast, I am talking all about comparison and you need to stop the comparison game. I’m breaking down:

About the host: I am Mike Myers, a full-time filmmaker and photographer based in Ohio. The purpose of this podcast is to connect those who might be starting a creative business, or maybe you've been doing it a while, with a community of other like-minded creatives and business owners. Starting and operating a successful and sustainable business is no walk in the park, and I'm here to share my guidance and experience with you.


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