017: All About Audio w/ Henri Rapp

Episode 3 January 16, 2023 00:49:23
017: All About Audio w/ Henri Rapp
The Video Galaxy Podcast
017: All About Audio w/ Henri Rapp

Jan 16 2023 | 00:49:23


Show Notes

Henri is a Production Sound Mixer & Location Sound Recordist for TV, Film, & Commercial Video Production. He’s based in Cleveland, and available for travel shoots. His belief about his job as a Sound Recordist is all about capturing performances; Whether that’s a documentary interview, comedian on stage, a musical performance, or actors in a narrative film…..it’s all about capturing those moments. 

Before specializing in recording sound for video, Henri came from a recording studio background where he produced music & did audio post as well as did a bit of sound for events at local concert venues; This experience has fundamentally shaped the way he approaches audio today when these skill sets inevitably overlap with the world of production sound. Having this comprehensive audio knowledge from a varied background is critical when productions with unique challenges arise.

Henri and I talk all about audio and the important role it plays in production. His expertise and knowledge lends to some interesting conversation and he even shares beginner tips for those one-man-bands that have to do all the things on set. 

To hire Henri, or just learn a little bit more about him, visit: locationsoundrecording.com

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